Zoni GUIDE Focus on Student Life: Miami Beach

July 10, 2012

Zoni GUIDE Focus on Student Life: Miami Beach

Miami Beach is where it’s at. Beautiful people flock to world famous beaches, eat out at some of the worlds best restaurants and party all night in some of the most luxurious clubs. What better place to learn English? Miami Beach is a serious place to go for education. Miami has some of the best and largest universities and colleges in the United States, hosting some of the U.S premier sporting events such as the college Rose bowl, The Super bowl and many other sporting events. Miami is also the main hub for destinations throughout all of Latin America.

Miami Some notable places to visit are South Beach, called Sobe, the biggest tourist spot in Miami and it’s most famous beach and night life area. Business and culture bring many people from all over the world to Miami to experience its wonderful treasure’s.

Miami seaandserf

Miami’s Art deco Architecture is both beautiful and intense. Miami also holds the largest art fair in the United States, Securing its reputation as not only a fun place to enjoy a vacation, but also as a culturally rich cosmopolitan city. With such beauty both natural and man made it’s no wonder that Miami is first choice for people seeking to learn English.