Experience Zoni

Diverse Students, Proven Curricula, and the English-Speaking World’s Most Exciting Cities

 Zoni English Language Centers has English schools in New York City, Miami Beach, London and Vancouver. Students learn English while enjoying the unique culture and vibrant energies of these cities.

 Our attentive staff will help you select the ideal course, whether you are looking to develop basic conversational skills or have been studying the language many years and are looking to improve your oral presentation abilities. Zoni’s goal is to have you as fluent as possible at economical prices while providing a high quality of instruction.

At Zoni, You Will Have...

  • A selection of more than 20 courses, including ESL, Business English, TOEFL, Premium Intensive English, American Culture Through Media, Survival English, and many more!
  • Some of the most affordable prices in today’s ESL market
  • English courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced
  • On-campus activities and field trips where you’ll have the chance to meet fellow students from all over the world
  • Qualified, experienced teachers, the majority of whom have lived and taught abroad
  • Small class sizes in modern educational facilities
  • Access to contemporary computer labs for additional practice (or just to check Facebook!)


With dedicated teachers, a supportive administrative staff and a student population from all over the world, Zoni offers an experience unlike anywhere else!


Experience Zoni

  • Experience Zoni

    Experience Zoni

    Meet students from different countries and experience world culture with our growing Zoni family!

  • Activities


    Tour the city, make new friends and immerse yourself in a brand-new culture!