Experience NYC

Located in the shadow of the Empire State Building, a mere stone’s throw from the 7th Avenue Fashion District, at the very center of the energy and bustle of the world’s most exciting city, Zoni’s Manhattan campus offers an experience like none other!

As the flagship of the Zoni schools, the Manhattan campus boasts more than 1,500 students quite literally from all over the world, making it the largest of the six schools; every continent except Antarctica is represented by our student body, from Europe and Africa to Asia and South America. The faculty is comprised of more than 40 teachers with years of ESL experience and remarkable qualifications ( BA, MA, TESOL, PhD)  behind them. The staff are friendly and hard-working, ready to welcome you into the school environment with a warm smile.

NY experience

Of course, the best reason to study in Manhattan is the unparalleled cultural experience available to students from any background. Not only do they learn from classmates coming from over 100 countries, but the wonderland that is New York City is right on the doorstep. At one end of the block looms the city’s tallest, most famous building, the Empire State Building at the other is “The World’s Largest Department Store,” Macy’s. The thrills of Times Square, the bohemian artists of Greenwich Village, the glamour of the Upper East Side, and the delights of the outer boroughs are all easily accessible from Zoni’s central location. Restaurants offering every type of cuisine imaginable, boutiques with the very latest fashion trends, movies, musicals, galleries, and a world-infamous nightlife are all at a Zoni student’s fingertips.

NY culture

To help students acclimate to their new life and surroundings, Zoni offers a myriad of activities and school excursions to famous landmarks on a regular basis. IEP students go on monthly field trips with their teacher and classmates to such places as the Brooklyn Bridge, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rockefeller Center, creating memories that last a lifetime. Once in a while, the entire IEP program takes a trip to Central Park, Coney Island, or the Natural History Museum. And if that isn’t enough, there is a calendar of events – Broadway shows, live sporting events and special opportunities that only New York can offer – available to all students. These events will broaden students' education as they immerse themselves in this city’s rich culture.

NY nightlife

 If you desire a life full of action and excitement, an atmosphere that is fun and inviting, and a chance to learn English with the best, then there is no better choice than Zoni Manhattan!


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