Manhattan, New York: Semi-intensive English Programs

English Courses in New York

Semi-Intensive English Program (SIEP)

15 hours per week (Part-time)
3hours of instruction per day, five days a week, plus additional activities

The Premium Semi-Intensive English program offers language instruction with an approach that integrates four skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The specific courses under these programs also include the incorporation of pronunciation, vocabulary building and conversation activities using grammar in context. Extra-curricular academic activities such as field trips to museums and historical sites, and film showings are provided to enhance and reinforce English proficiency. If you are coming to the USA partly for business or to take a vacation, then this course is for you! It includes the study of all English skills, but still allows you more free time to pursue your own personal schedule.

I Beginner
Courses provide learners with basic communication skills and English grammar. They learn to construct simple to complex sentences and develop vocabulary skills to be able to participate in small group discussions.

II Intermediate
Courses develop learners' awareness of the relationship of grammar to meaning. They learn to participate in big group discussions and practice giving short talks. They develop fluency in speaking and writing.

III High Intermediate
Courses enhance learners' ability to communicate with and understand English speakers. They increase grammatical accuracy in writing and speaking and develop reading comprehension.

IV Advanced
Courses further develop learners' fluency in speaking, reading, listening and speaking. They attain a high command of vocabulary words and idioms to help them participate in class discussions. They acquire a stronger grammar foundation, develop their ability to react to readings and enhance active listening skills. 

Elective courses are special classes designed to supplement and reinforce language acquisition. Students with an advanced level of English proficiency have the option of choosing these courses to enhance their four skills and attain a higher level of English proficiency. These courses help improve specific skills in preparation for greater career opportunities.

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction I and II
This course reinforces speaking and listening skills. Learners develop the ability to understand and use spoken English with good pronunciation and a more natural-sounding accent.

Advanced Academic Grammar I & II
This course is designed for advanced college- or professional-bound ESL students in need of an intensive grammar review. It reviews major structures and introduces more complex skills. Although the emphasis of the textbook is grammar, students will use the appropriate structures in speaking and writing exercises.

Advanced Academic Listening and Speaking I & II
With emphasis on listening and speaking, this course is will develop listening strategies, refine listening comprehension skills, and expand students vocabulary. Students will listen to actual radio shows and interviews; summarize main ideas; and employ other techniques during discussions, debates, and role-plays.

Intensive ESL for Business
Our ESL for Business course is designed to prepare students to succeed in business and enlarge their knowledge of the business world. It introduces students to fundamentals of business, structures of various types of businesses in the United States and Great Britain. Also, it consists of interesting topics in international business and discussion of authentic materials from a variety of articles and books about business. It provides realistic business situations for speaking and writing practice.

American Culture/Film
This course broadens students' understanding of American culture through the medium of film. Extensive analyses and discussions of various topics follow viewings of films selected for their relevance to American culture and impact on American society. Language skills are reinforced through the use of language in film, including idioms, phrasal verbs and twenty-first century vernacular.


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