Vancouver, Canada: Bridge Program for Children

Bridge program vancouver

The Bridge Program for Children

Children (aged 8 - 12) Hours Per Week: 30 hrs.

The Bridge Program is designed to help elementary school international students make a smooth transition from their school system into a Canadian school system.

Core components of the Bridge Program:

• Extensive English and Language Arts

• A strong focus on the communication skills needed for Math, Science, Social Studies, Information Technology, Fine Arts and other non-academic subjects

• Extra-curricular activities that enhance social and personal development

• Follows the BC curriculum as determined by the Ministry of Education


Schooling in Canada:

Most elementary and secondary schools in Canada have a limit to the number of international students that they can accept each year. Starting dates are either September or February. The Bridge Program allows students to maintain their academic pace and gives them an advantage over students who have not attended any readiness programs.

To further assist our students, Zoni provides guidance for graduates of our program to select a local school within the Vancouver area.

Even for those with no plans to enroll in a Canadian school, the Bridge Program offers younger students immersion in a new culture and the opportunity to learn English in an age-appropriate environment. These students benefit from the learning experience and take home many new skills and strategies that prove useful on their own educational path.


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