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Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Course in Miami Beach

Cambridge ESOL Preparation Course in Miami Beach

The University of Cambridge ESOL exams have long been recognized as one of the industry leaders in English assessment, beneficial for those who wish to attend university, improve their job prospects or simply measure their level of English. The course is designed to prepare students to achieve their goals towards successfully passing the Cambridge exams: First Certificate, Advanced or Proficiency.

Zoni Language Centers is one of the very few Cambridge Examination Centers in the United States; having two official centers one in Miami Beach and our new center in New York City. Our students have achieved a high level of success in First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency levels.


  • The Cambridge examination is officially recognized as proof of proficiency in English by hundreds of employers, universities and government departments
  • It is also recognized around the world for business and study purposes
  • The skills learnt will give the confidence needed to use English in real situations
  • This exam is valid for life (never need to take the exam again)

Duration: 12 weeks (4 weeks per type of test) 20 hours per week

First Certificate (FCE)

The FCE is the most widely taken of all the Cambridge examinations. We offer this course to students at the upper-intermediate level. The examination requires knowledge of all the language skills and is widely recognized in educational institutions, industry, and commerce as proof of language ability at the upper-intermediate level. Certificates are awarded to students who pass the exam with grade A, B or C. Grades D and E are failing grades.

The FCE course will prepare students for all five sections of the examination papers:

1. Reading Comprehension: The students are examined on their ability to understand written information and closely linked points of vocabulary usage.

2. Composition: Candidates are examined on their ability to generate natural use of the English language in response to a variety of situations. Two compositions of between 120 and 180 words from a choice of five topics are required.

3. Use of English: Candidates are tested on their usage of the English language.

4. Listening Comprehension: This section consists of 3 or 4 recordings of varying length and nature, selected to test listening skills with a variety of exercises, such as matching, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple choice.

5. Interview: All candidates are assessed individually on their ability to interact in conversational English.

Advanced Certificate (CAE)

The CAE examination offers a high-level final qualification in the language to those who need to use English extensively in their jobs. Our preparation is offered to students at the advanced level. It is envisaged that the examination will be taken by candidates who range from adolescents to young professional people.

The CAE course will prepare students for all five examination papers:

1. Reading Comprehension: This paper contains four texts selected to test a range of reading skills and strategies, with various types of matching and multiple-choice terms.

2. Writing: This paper consists of two compulsory tasks of approximately 250 words each. No choice is offered for the first task; for the second task, students can select from a choice of four.

3. English in Use: The three sections of this paper test the ability to apply knowledge of the language system, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

4. Listening Comprehension: This paper contains four texts of varying length and nature, selected to test a wide range of listening skills with various types for matching, completion, and multiple-choice terms.

5. Interview: Candidates are examined in pairs by two external examiners. The four phases of the paper are designed to elicit a wide range of speaking skills and strategies from both candidates.



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